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August 25th
10:12 AM

an owl from Anonymous

Ah, Monsieur Chen. Préférez-vous Hogwarts ou Beauxbatons?

Salut! Je préfère Poudlard parce que mes amis sont avec moi!

August 20th
10:43 AM

an owl from Anonymous

wow young yixing was so different.

For real. 

August 15th
11:15 AM

an owl from Anonymous

omg thank you do much for updating! the chapter did not disappoint! 9 year old yixing was the best wow. and kris not wanting to leave chanyeol behind <3 the stone dragon reminded me so much of mulan haha

Yay yay yay! I’m so glad to hear it didn’t disappoint because this chapter took more rewriting than usual to finish ><; thank you!

(That’s funny because I kept thinking of didney’s Mulan too while writing the parts with stone dragons xD)

August 13th
10:12 AM

The Dragon Has Landed: Hong Kong, part viii

I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X | XI | XII

In the dragon’s den, Kris holds the dragon egg in his hands. The smooth beautiful shell of gold is very warm to the touch — in fact if it were just a shade hotter he might need gloves. It’s about as heavy as a medium sized watermelon, meaning, if Kris recalls correctly, the egg would take two more weeks at most to hatch.

The tiny dragon nestled inside continues to sleep and grow, unaware of this trial.

Unaware that Kris has to kills its mother.

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August 11th
11:34 PM

an owl from Anonymous

>///< i dont mean to be yet another anon that nags you guys, and i hope this doesnt sound rude, but /post/93511225957 are you really going to update or are you guys just too busy for the AU/run out of ideas/permanent hiatus? i don't want our hopes to keep going down with each reply :(

It’s true fic isn’t being posted as fast as it used to be, sorry, but we haven’t abandoned it all just yet. We’ll never run out of ideas for this AU! It’s almost depressing how much story we have left. Yeah, maybe we’ll never finish but for now we’re still trying to. 

That said, expect a new chapter soon! (Yes!)

Here’s a hint about it: Sorry Kris.

11:34 PM

an owl from Anonymous

also, love your AU and hope that whatever is eating up your guys' time isnt causing you guys too much stress. take care of yourselves too :3

You sent this months ago but I’m answering now because I think about this message sometimes. It’s just so nice! Thank you so much. 

August 3rd
12:46 PM

an owl from Anonymous

I need to know what happens to yixing please I can't handle this wait

We’re going to expand on his story soon! ><; thanks for being patient…

12:08 PM

an owl from Anonymous

Hi! I'm just curious were the triwizard winner fics all uploaded already/do you have links to which ones they were?

The two fics that are done are: Leafing Through Ever Afters & In the Name of the Moon

And there are still two more to be done. We haven’t forgotten!

August 1st
10:24 AM

an owl from Anonymous

will kris & kyungsoo ever interact? ):

Yes, the plan is for everyone to eventually cross paths. But don’t hold your breath.

10:12 AM

an owl from Anonymous

Please update any of your stories :( It's been so long, though the replies are entertaining as well..


(sorry for the wait ><; )