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April 14th
1:00 PM

an owl from jjkimchi

Hi! I found this tumblr last night and... I LOVE IT SO MUCH! OMG. My english is not the best OTL but I enjoy reading your work, guys *^*)b And, well, I made this fanart for you *shy shy* kimtaehee23(.)deviantart(.)com/art/Kim-Jongdae-447107731 I hope you like it ;___; you are the best! ♥♥♥♥

Wow, beautiful! image

here is the link, everyone!

We love it! We’re also glad you enjoy reading our posts. Really, thank you so much!

April 1st
10:13 AM

suHC a brav wizerd, we pray 4 his viktroy

suHC a brav wizerd, we pray 4 his viktroy

March 30th
12:28 AM

an owl from Anonymous

why did you decide to make jongdae in ravenclaw? i mean in variety shows he seems more like the mischievous type (lol he can be dumb at times) and why not gryffindor or slytherin?

Answered here! post/28489975401

12:28 AM

an owl from Anonymous

Hi there! I checked character profiles and I don't really get the blood status thing. Could you explain it to me?
March 23rd
11:32 AM

an owl from Anonymous

Hello! Just wanted to say that this AU is truly my favourite exo au so far, it's absolutely amazing <3. Thank you so much for drawing and writing about it! Also, I was wondering whether it's just me not looking in the right places, but I can't seem to find the 12th part to The Dragon had Landed? Is it because it's not written yet?

Ahh, thank you! <3

And to answer your question, the 12th part isn’t up yet. If a ‘part’ on the masterpost doesn’t have a link it means it’s coming, the story will be continued!

March 21st
4:36 PM

an owl from Anonymous

im just wondering why you made xiumin the quidditch captain i mean hes so cute and squishy and i cant imagine him being a leader LOL Thank you for answering and sorry for my lame english T T

Hmm, it’s true that he hasn’t shown much leadership, but it could just be because it’s not his role. I have a feeling that if it were then he’d do a good job. He’s shown other traits like protectiveness and seems like a responsible older brother. And plus he’s organized and assertive when he needs to be.


March 20th
9:34 AM

an owl from Anonymous

so based off the future post, does that mean kai did a viktor krum except rather than staying in school he dropped out? you've also mentioned a "long-overdue triwizard tournament winner" fic in several replies (boggarts, kyungsoo's parent, chanyeol-baekhyun muggle, etc). but i thought there 4 winners, so were you combining all of their fics into one?

It will be a future plot point. :)

Also, sorry if there was some misunderstanding, but there won’t be any combining fics into one. There were four winners and two fics are already up. The remaining two are boggarts and Chanyeol & Baekhyun’s adventures in the Muggle World. Kyungsoo’s parent isn’t one of the prompts!

March 8th
11:02 AM

an owl from Anonymous

Hello, hism & kreasethegull. I was actually browsing the net for Xiuhan fanfics when I accidentally found your tumblr account. I'm a self-proclaimed Potterhead and a die-hard Exotic. I find your concept very fascinating since you combined the two things I love most in this world (besides my family). I just want you to know that I really admire your creative thinking and good writing skills. Your choice of words is brilliant. Hope you'll continue what you're doing. Keep up the good work. ~Chay ♥


We’re glad you found us, Chay! (lol good thing for Xiuhan XD)

Thank you thank you for this super kind owl~ We really appreciate it. Messages like these really motivate us to keep going! ♥

March 2nd
12:56 PM

an owl from Anonymous

hihi! I apologize if you've already received this question but in which order do you recommend we should read the stories? Does it matter or is it okay to start almost anywhere??? :)

It doesn’t matter what order you read them. But if you’d like to read starting from the very beginning of the blog (which might be more fun? XD) the easiest way to do that is to hit up the archive and start at May 2012. Look for the posts with bolded titles and work your way to 2014! 

11:09 AM

an owl from frustratedturtles

rereading the stories and does yixing not moving in cameras have something to do with anything?

Yep, it does :)

or :( depending how you look at it.